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Royal Engineers Corps Band [CD]
Royal Engineers Corps Band
"Music For an American Occasion"
Captain A.R. Chatburn
Bandleader [1996] BNA 5125 [Compact Disc]

Patriotism: The Star Spangled Banner - The Star Spangled Banner [with Drums] - The Star Spangled Banner [Vocal] - The Star Spangled Banner [Vocal & Drums] - America [My Country 'Tis of Thee] - Hail to The Chief - Hail to The Chief [with Ruffles & Flourishes] - Hail Columbia - Hail Columbia [with Ruffles & Flourishes] - God Bless America - America The Beautiful. The American Spirit: Yankee Doodle - You're A Grand Old Flag - Over There. The Civil War: Battle Hymn of The Republic - Dixie. City & Country: America - Rocky Top. Fanfares: Golden Gate - Empire State - Monticello - Olympic Fanfare & Theme. College Graduation: Pomp & Circumstance March No.1. Bugle Calls: Taps - Echo Taps - Reveille. Marches of The United States Forces: Anchors Aweigh - The Caisson Song - U.S.A.F. March - Marine Corps Hymn - Semper Paratus - The Official West Point March - High School Cadets. Marches for Flag & Country: National Emblem - Liberty Bell - Semper Fidelis - Washington Post - The Stars & Stripes Forever
Item #BNA 5125

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