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Droit Compact Discs [SALE]
Bandleader [Front & Back Covers Missing]
Bandleader & Droit Recordings Limited Stock
"Great Big Band Themes" [Stock Available Only: 1 Copy]
Various Big Band Orchestras 
HCD 321 [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £9.00 

Art Tatum [Stock Available Only: 1 Copy]
"The Complete Capitol Recordings of Art Tatum" 
821.325 [2 Compact Discs]

  Regular price £23.00 

BBC Big Band [Stock Available Only: 1 Copy]
"Plays Glenn Miller" 
GRF 219 [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £5.00 

Cab Calloway & His Orchestra [Stock Available Only: 1 Copy]
"Cruisin' With Cab" 
DAWE 52 [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £11.00 

Charlie Spivak & His Orchestra [Stock Available Only: 1 Copy]
"The Uncollected" 
HCD 105 [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £9.00 

Claude Bolling [Stock Available Only: 1 Copy]
"A Cocktail Party" 
46357 [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £10.00 

Count Basie & His Orchestra [Stock Available Only: 1 Copy]
 "Basie's Basement" 
ND 90630 [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £7.00 

Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra [Stock Available Only:1 Copy]
"Hocus Pocus" 
ND 90413 [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £10.00 

George Shearing & Brian Torff [Stock Available Only: 1 Copy]

"Blues Alley Jazz" 
CCD 4110 [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £14.00 

George Shearing & Carmen McRae [Stock Available Only: 2 Copies]
"Two For The Road" 
CCD 4128 [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £14.00 

George Shearing & Jim Hall [Stock Available Only: 1 Copy]
"First Edition" 
CCD 4177 [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £14.00 

George Shearing [Stock Available Only: 2 Copies]
"More Grand Piano" 
CCD 4318 [Compact Disc]

  Regular price £14.00 

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