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We will have the compact disc "Mountbatten Festival of Music 2017" in stock next week.

“Mountbatten Festival of Music 2017”
[Live at Royal Albert Hall, London] HM Royal Marines Massed Bands Lt Col Nick Grace OBE, Captain Steve Green, Captain Matt Weites
Chevron CHVCD 45 £12.00 [Compact Disc]

Overture from Wing Commander – On the Quarterdeck – Flight of the Silverbird – Pedetentim 60 – Deterrence – Astute – Malagueña – La Califfa – Another Brick in the Wall – All That Jazz – Women of the Waves – Pioneers of the Seas – Britannic Salute

We will have the “BUXTON MILITARY TATTOO 2017” DVD Available mid-August

“Buxton Military Tattoo 2017”
Private [2017] Buxton 2017 £19.00 [2 DVD Set PAL Only] Opening Fanfare: Fanfare for a Dignified Occasion (Bliss). 2517 (Buxton) Squadron RAF Air Cadets Corps of Drums, Royal Corps of Signals Band: Punjaub (Payne, arranger LeThiere) - In the Stone (White, arr Tinner, Slaidburn, Rimmer) - Crazy Brass Machine (Taylor, arr Smith) - Regimental March of The Royal Signals (arr Pike). The Military Wives Choir, Chilwell: Fix You (Martin, arr Lawson) - Make You Feel My Love (Dylan) - It Don’t Mean a Thing (Ellington, arr MacHuff) - Stronger Together (Military Wives). The Waterloo Pipes, Drums & Highland Dancers: Donal MacLean of Lewis (McLeod)/Jeannie Mauchline (Bryson)/Drummers Call (arr Henry)/Ye Jacobites by Name (traditional)/The Rose Amongst the Heather (trad)/The Silver Spear (trad)/The Massacre of Glencoe (trad)/The Banjo Breakdown/The Keel Row (trad)/Orange & Blue (trad)/The Piper of Drummond (trad)/The Crags of Tumbledown (Riddle). 126 (City of Derby) Squadron RAF Air Cadets: Drill Display Team. Band & Corps of Drums Royal Logistics Corps & Band of The Army Medical Services: Grandioso (Reitz) – Thor (Tyler, arr Worek) - Eagle Squadron (Alford) - Drummers Display - Children of Sanchez (Mangione, arr Petritz-Watts) - Camus the Music Makers (Mitchell) - On Parade (Elms). The Rifles Band & Bugles: Rifles Assembly/Advance (trad) - Light Division (Bashford) - The Lines of Torres Vedras (McElligott) - You Can’t Stop the Beat (Shaiman, Wittman, arr Ricketts, featuring Lt Bethan Waters) - Les Clarion Anglais (Parkes) - The Keel Row/Road to the Isles (trad) - Spanish Gypsy Dance (Marquina) - Mechanised Infantry (McBain). Massed Bands of: The Band and Bugles of The Rifles Band & Bugles, Band & Corps of Drums Royal Logistics Corps, Army Medical Services Band, Royal Corps of Signals Band, The Waterloo Pipes, Drums &and Highland Dancers, The Military Wives Choir Chilwell, Derbyshire & Lincolnshire ACF Bands: Carry On (Winson) - Highland Laddie (trad) – Arrival (ABBA, arr Griffiths) - Highland Cathedral (Roever, Korb arr Griffiths) – YMCA (Village People, arr Griffiths) – Sunset (Green) - Lone Piper: Call to the Gathering (trad). Massed Bands: The National Anthem (arr Gordon Jacob) - Radetzky March (Strauss, arr Sharpe) - Scotland the Brave/Black Bear (trad) - Mechanised Infantry (McBain)

Under Section on Website, Military New Releases 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy
“John Philip Sousa: Music For Wind Band Volume 16”
Keith Brion [World Premiere Recording*]
Naxos [2013] 8.559746 £9.00
The Irish Dragoon [Circus Galop]* – I’ve Made My Plans for the Summer – The Charlatan [Operetta: Selections] – Pushing On [March Song] – Tyrolienne* - The Irish Dragoon [Overture]* – The Star Spangled Banner (arranger Sousa/Damrosch) – Homeward Bound [March]* – On the Tramp [March] – Wedding March – The Triumph of Time [March]

The Bate Military Ensemble
“Music of The Allies”
[From the Peninsula to Waterloo]
Narrator Major Richard Powell
[Marches & Songs from the period 1808-1815 played on historic instruments from Oxford University’s Bate Collection]
Bate Collection [2016]
CCLCD 8077 £10.50 [Compact Disc] 

Introduction [over Vencer o Morir] – Ah, Ça Ira (Bécort) – Grenadiers March – See the Conquering Hero Comes – Scotch Duty: Reveille & Tattoo – Calls Sounded on the Waterloo Bugle – Eliott’s Dragoons – The Rogue’s March – Drum Major Samuel Potter’s Calls – Riflemen’s Whistle Signals – The Queen Charlotte – Vencer o Morir [Conquer or Die] – Spanish Chant – St. Patrick’s Day – Cogadh na Sith [War or Peace] – Dutch Bugle Calls – Captain Reid’s March – Garry Owen – Over the Hills & Far Away – The Young May Moon – The Sentinel – Pain’s Quadrilles – Der Coburger – I’m 95 – Herzog von Braunschweig – Ich hatt’ einen Kameraden

“Birmingham International Tattoo 2016”
[DVD PAL Only]
Birmingham Tattoo [2016] DVD-BIT 032 (£23.00) This DVD is PAL Only
Compere of the Birmingham Tattoo, Philip Cotterill
Corps of Royal Engineers Combined Bands & Fanfare Trumpeters: Corps of Royal Engineers, Director of Music Captain Oliver Jeans Royal Engineers Nottinghamshire Band,
WO1 Simon Kerwin, Drum Major Sgt. Andrew Garner

National Youth Marching Band,
Major Paul W. Norley

The Flora Band of The Netherlands,
Gerben Kralt, Drum Major Chris van Deventer

National Marching Band of the Air Cadet Organisation
Director of Music Sqd. Ldr. Andy White MBE
Army Cadet Force Massed Bands, Pipes & Drums
Sgt. Major Instructor (Bandmaster) Robert Cowan

Northants Falcons Flyball Dog Racing

RNRMC Field Gun Competition
[Crews from Royal Air Force Cosford, 7th Bn Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers, Abbey Wood & Corsham Field Gun Crew]

Royal Band of the Antwerp Police, Belgium
Pieter Nieva, Drum Major Patrick Callenaere

Royal British Legion Riders

The Tattoo Massed Pipes & Drums,
Highland Dancers
Nene Valley Pipe Band,
Seaforth Highlanders Pipes & Drums,
Nottinghamshire Police Pipe Band, 
Cambridgeshire Caledonian Pipe Band, 
Southern Highlanders Pipes & Drums

The No. 1 Band of the Irish Defence Force
Captain Fergal Carroll

UK Freestyle Disco Display Team

HM Royal Marines Massed Bands
[Portsmouth, Collingwood, Plymouth Bands]
“The Mountbatten Festival of Music 2016” Lt Col Nick Grace OBE, Major Jon Ridley,
Major Richard Long, Captain Ian Davis
[Recorded Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London] Chevron [2 CD’s Set 2016]
CHVCD 42 £12.00 [2 CD's Set] 
CD 1: Silverado (Broughton, arranger Waller) – The Grand Fleet (Keachie) – Kashmir (Page/Plant/Bonham, arr Trudgeon) – Anzac Cove (Thomas) – Clash of the Dreadnoughts (Young) – Great Little Army (K.J. Alford) – Libertango (Piazolla, arr Hodge) – February Song (Groban, arr Tripp) – Liszteria (Smith, arr Johnson) – The Music of Michael Jackson: Thriller/She Out of My Life/Bad/Earth Song/Billie Jean (arr Naughton). CD 2: Fantasia (Stokowski, arr Johnson) – Remembering Jutland (McDermott) – Rule Britannia (T. Arne) – Duelling Strings (arr Hodge) 


“Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2016” [Live Recording]
Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo [2016]
EMTDVD 133 £20.50  
[This DVD is PAL & NTSC on same disc]

Alarm to Arms Fanfare (M. McDermott). Massed Pipes & Drums of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards/Royal Dragoon Guards/19th Regiment Royal Artillery, The Scottish Gunners/1st Bn Scots Guards/Royal Scots Borderers, 1st Bn The Royal Regiment of Scotland/1st Bn The Royal Irish Regiment/Combined Scottish University/Officer Training Corps/Vancouver Police/Scots College NSW, Australia/Pipers Trail: The Black Bear (traditional, arranger Small)/The Campbells Are Coming (trad, arr Small)/Amazing Grace (trad, arr Small)/The Rowan Tree (trad, arr Small)/Cabar Feidh (trad, arr Small)/Dumbarton’s Drum (trad, arr Small)/The Mason’s Apron (trad, arr Small)/Ghillie Callum (trad, arr Small)/Castle Craig (trad, arr Small). Nepal Army Band: Rato ra Chandra Surya (trad, arr Amul Karki)/Jay Janma Bhumi (trad, arr Amul Karki)/Yo Nepali (trad, arr Amul Karki). HM Royal Marines Scotland Band: Remembering Jutland (M. McDermott)/William Walker [Drum Static] (James Trowbridge). Hjaltinonhoga, The Shetland Fiddlers: Hillswick (trad, arr M. Robertson/M. McDermott)/Arthur Anderson’s Reel (M. Robertson, arr M. McDermott)/Da Spirit o’ Whisky (trad, arr M. Robertson/M. McDermott)/Oot & in da Harbour (trad, arr M. Robertson/M. McDermott). The Tattoo Highland Dancers: The Dark Isle (trad, arr M. McDermott)/Blackley of Hillsdale (trad, arr M. McDermott)/Rockin’ the Baby (trad, arr M. McDermott)/The Chase (Small, arr M. McDermott)/Puirt-a-beul (trad, arr M. McDermott)/The Clumsy Lover (Dickie, arr M. McDermott). United States Army Europe Band & Chorus: Sing, Sing, Sing (Prima, arr Boone)/Minnie the Moocher (Calloway & Mills, arr Boone)/All Shook Up (Blackwell & Presley, arr Boone)/9 to 5 (Parton, arr Boone)/Think (Franklin/White, arr Boone)/The Stars & Stripes Forever (J.P. Sousa, arr Boone). Lochiel Marching Drill Team: The Lord of The Rings Medley (Howard Shore, arr M. McDermott). The Jordan Armed Forces: Hijini (trad)/Lawrence of Arabia (Maurice Jarre)/Ordon Al Kofih Alhambra (trad, arr Col Mohammad AlAkhras)/Laywnak Ya Abdallah (trad, arr Col Mohammad AlAkhras)/Louden’s Bonny Woods & Braes (trad)/Hashimi Hashimi (trad, arr Col Mohammad AlAkhras). Massed Pipes & Drums: Rose of Kelvingrove (trad, arr M. McDermott/Small). New Zealand Army Band: In The Stone (White/Foster/Willis, arr Foley)/The Incredibles (Giacchino, arr Sgt. R. Hina NZAB)/Bang, Bang (Kotecha/Martin/Göransson, arr Pte C. McKellar NZAB)/Conga (Garcia, arr Sgt. R. Hina NZAB)/The Chase [TV Theme] (Farrer, arr Sgt. R. Hina NZAB)/Passchendaele (Dwayne Bloomfield)/NZDF Haka (trad)/Bonnie Dundee (Walter Scott)/Sabre Dance (Khachaturian, arr Edrich Siebert)/Chariots of Fire (Vangelis, arr SSgt. T. Mitchell NZAB)/Mission Impossible/James Bond (Schifrin/Norman, arr SSgt. T. Mitchell NZAB)/You Can’t Stop the Beat (Shaiman, arr Pte R. Martin NZAB)/500 Miles (Reid, arr Sgt. R. Hina). HM The King’s Guard of Norway: Gardes Marsj (Hvam, arr Nøddelund/Nilsen)/På Post för Sverige (Sam Rydberg)/Homage March from ‘Sigurd Jorsalfar’ (Grieg, arr Nilsen)/Triumphal March from ‘Aida’ (Verdi, arr Nilsen)/Old Rangers March (Olsen/Schiöldberg, arr Hagen/Nilsen)/Loch Lomond (trad). Massed Military Bands: Carry On (Winson, arr M. McDermott)/Mechanised Infantry (McBain, arr M. McDermott)/Keel Row (trad, arr M. McDermott)/Road to the Isles (trad, arr M. McDermott)/British Grenadiers (trad, arr M. McDermott)/Voice of the Guns (Alford, trad, arr M. McDermott)/The Soldier’s Return (trad, arr M. McDermott)/Light Cavalry (Franz Von Suppé, arr M. McDermott)/Hearts of Oak (Boyce, arr M. McDermott) – Zadok the Priest (Handel, arr M. McDermott)/Crown Imperial (Walton, arr M. McDermott)/Royal Salute (Waterer). Massed Military Bands & Massed Pipes & Drums: 79th Farewell to Gibraltar (Macdonald, arr David Thompson) – Coming Home (Browning, arr M. McDermott) – Get ‘Em On (M. McDermott)/You Never Can Tell/Lord of The Rings Medley (Berry/Shore, trad, arr M. McDermott) – Life on Mars (Bowie, arr M. McDermott) – Brigade March/Gardemarsj/Hielan’ Laddie (trad, Ole Hvam, arr Rolf Nøddelund/Nilsen/trad)/National Anthem (trad, arr M. McDermott)/Auld Lang Syne (trad, arr M. McDermott) – Sunset & Evening Hymn: O’ Valiant Hearts (trad, arr M. McDermott)/Sleep Dearie Sleep [Lone Piper] (trad, arr Small) – Scotland the Brave (trad, arr M. McDermott)/We’re No Awa’ to Bide Awa’ (trad, arr M. McDermott)/The Black Bear (trad, arr Small)/Scotland the Brave (trad, arr Small)