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If you wish us to let you know when these recordings are available please email jono@discurio.co.uk or telephone 01732 222 296 & we will advise you when released.

HM Royal Marines Bands
Mountbatten Festival of Music 2018” [Compact Disc]
[Release Date October]

"Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2018"
[DVD Pal & NTSC on same Disc]
[Release Date October]

These Recordings Below Are Now All Available,
Under Section on Website, Military New Releases 2016, 2017, 2018

“Buxton Military Tattoo 2018” [2 DVD Set PAL Only]
Private [2018] Buxton 2018 £19.00 [2 DVD Set PAL Only]
Fanfare For Fanfare (Sharpe). 162 (Stockport) Squadron RAF Air Cadets Band: Alone (Marshmello) – The Mix – Für Elise (Beethoven) – Little Talks (Of Monsters & Men) – The Next Episode (Dr Dre) – Children (Robert Miles) – Drums Corps Display. Mercian Regiment Band & Yorkshire Regiment Band: Trafalgar (Zehle) – Sons of the Brave (Bidgood) – By Land & Sea (Alford) – National Emblem (Bagley) – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (arr Kingston) – Makin’ Whoopee (arr Wolpe) – Army of the Nile (Alford). Waterloo Pipes, Drums & Dancers: Call to the Gathering (arranger Samson) – The Jolly Beggarman (traditional) – Johnnie Cope (trad). Waterloo Pipes, Drums & Dancers & Wilmslow Academy Dancers: Julliard (Samson) – Jig Ahoy (Samson). Waterloo Pipes, Drums & Dancers, Mercian Regiment Band & Yorkshire Regiment Band & Wilmslow Academy Dancers: Athol Highlanders – Highland Kingdom – Green Hills of Tyrol (arr Macleod) – The Battle O’er (Robb). Stockport Sea Cadets: Display Team. Welsh Guards Band: Bond of Friendship (Mackenzie-Rogan) – Royal Standard (Brigham) – The Welshman (Hannam) – Sospan Fach (arr Pendleton) – Scarlet & Gold (Thomas) – Men of Harlech (arr Langford) – Western Front (arr Marshall). Massed Bands: John Williams Symphonic Marches (arr Higgins) – Children of the Regiment (Fučik) – 79th Farewell to Gibraltar (MacDonald, arr Thompson) – Amazing Grace (arr Haw) – Sunset (Green) – Slow Air Litani (Haifa) – The National Anthem (arr Jacob) – Scotland the Brave/Black Bear/Highland Laddie (arr Gray) – Ca Ira (arr Pinkney) – March Strike Firm Strike Hard (Johnson) – Rising of the Lark (trad)

“Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2018”
[Live Recording]
Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo [2018]
EMTCD 135 £14.00 [Compact Disc]
Start Your Engines Fanfare (M. McDermott) – We’ve Found the Honey [Opening Chant]. Massed Pipes & Drums of the Royal Dragoon Guards, Queen’s Royal Hussars, 1st Bn Scots Guards, Royal Scots Borderers 1st Bn Royal Regiment of Scotland, Royal Highland Fusiliers 2nd Bn Royal Regiment of Scotland, The Highlanders 4th Bn Royal Regiment of Scotland, Royal Air Force, Pipers Trail, Brisbane Boys’ College, Manly Warringah, Paris Port Dover, Royal Victoria Regiment Association, Scots College: The Dark Island (traditional, arranger Small/M. McDermott)/The Wee Highland Laddie (D. MacLeod arr Rowan)/The Children (John Barns, arr Rowan) – The Gallawa’ Hills (trad, arr Small)/My Land (Norman Maclean, arr Rowan)/Kilworth Hills (G. Mclennan arr Rowan)/Killiekrankie (trad, arr Rowan)/Loch Lomond (trad, arr Rowan)/The Braes of Tullymet (trad, arr Rowan) – The Back of the Moon (A.G. Kenneth, arr Rowan)Moving Cloud (trad, arr Rowan)/Hopscotch (Rowan arr M. McDermott)/The Carnethy 5 (Keith Dixon, arr Rowan, M. McDermott)/Farewell to the Creeks (J. Robertson, arr Rowan)/Highland Laddie (trad, arr Rowan). Czech Armed Forces Central Band & Ondráš Military Art Ensemble: 4th Movement from 9th Symphony (Dvorak, arr LTC Jaroslav SIP) – Czech Classic Medley (Smetana/Dvorak arr LTC SIP) – Skoda Lasky Beer [Beer Barrel Polka] (Jaromir Vejvoda, arr Karel Belohoubek). Hjaltinonhoga, The Shetland Fiddlers: The Order of the Storm Birds (M. Robertson, arr M. McDermott). Banda Monumental de México: Aztec Dance (trad, arr Leonardo Sorcia Valerio) – Jarabe Tapatio (trad, arr Leonardo Sorcia Valerio) – Cielito Lindo (Quirino Mendoza y Cortes, arr Leonardo Sorcia Valerio) – Despacito (Luis Fonsi, Erika Ender, Daddy Yankee, arr Leonardo Sorcia Valerio). Middlesex County Volunteers Fifes & Drums: Drums & Guns Intro (Michael Godin arr Godin) – Drums & Guns (Roy Watrous & John Ciaglia) – Washington’s Grand March (George E. Blake, arr M. Godin, John Ciaglia) – Caribou Reel (Andy de Jarlis, arr M. Godin, John Ciaglia) – Kinnoull (Peddyr Cubberly, arr M. Godin & Sarah MacConduibh) – The Good News (M. Godin, arr Godin) - Kinnoull Reprise (Peddyr Cubberly, arr M. Godin & Sarah MacConduibh) – Sergeant Malkie Bow’s Consternation (Michael Grey, arr M. Godin & John Ciaglia) – Les Drapeaux (James Aired, arr Scott Mitchell & John Ciaglia) – Yankee Doodle (trad, arr J.M. Clark & John Ciaglia). Hjaltinonhoga [selected Pipers & Musicians]: Zito the Bubbleman (Gordon Duncan, arr Rowan & M. McDermott)/Drowsy Maggie (trad, arr M. McDermott)/John Keith Lang (Addie Harper, arr Rowan & M. McDermott)/Smelling Fresh (James Duncan MacKenzie arr Rowan & M. McDermott. Combined Bands of the Royal Cavalry of the Sultanate of Oman: Rustaq (Darrol Barry) – Al Qayid Al Hakim (Abel Moghani, arr McNaughton, Barry) – Songs of the Wilyat (Hassan Thani, arr Said Al Noobi) – The Thistle of Scotland/Rowan Tree (trad, arr Douglas Robertson). Massed Pipes & Drums: The Sleeping Tune (Gordon Duncan, arr Rowan, M. McDermott)/Craig a Bhodich (Donald Macleod, arr Rowan)/Castle Hill (PM J. McLellan, arr Rowan)/Sleepy Maggie (trad, arr Rowan). Top Secret Drum Corps: Dynamic Percussion. Massed Military Bands: RAF March Past (Davies, arr Martindale)/Star Wars Theme (J. Williams, arr Martindale)/Star Trek Voyager (Goldsmith, arr Martindale)/Diamond Nine (Stubbs)/Life on the Ocean Wave (Russell, arr M. McDermott)/Heart of Oak (Boyce arr M. McDermott)/Rule Britannia (trad, M. McDermott)/The Sky’s the Limit [extracts] (M. McDermott)/F-35 Lightning (M. McDermott)/Eagle Squadron (Alford, arr M. McDermott)/Pomp & Circumstance No. 4 (Elgar, arr M. McDermott)/Ride of the Valkyries (Wagner, arr M. McDermott). Massed Military Bands & Massed Pipes & Drums: The Sky’s the Limit (M. McDermott) – Mr. Blue Sky (Jeff Lynne, arr M. McDermott) - Black Thorn Stick/Rakes of Kildare/Paddy’s Leather Breeches (trad, arr Barry Young) – United States Air Force March Past (Crawford, arr M. McDermott)/Royal Air Force March Past (Walford Davies, arr M. McDermott) – National Anthem (trad, arr M. McDermott)/Auld Lang Syne (trad, arr M. McDermott) – Amazing Grace (trad, arr M. McDermott)/Last Post & Sunset (trad)/Flowers of Forest (trad, arr Small) - Scotland the Brave/We’re No Awa’ to Bide Awa’ (trad, arr M. McDermott)/The Black Bear/Scotland the Brave (trad, arr Small)

HM Royal Marines Plymouth Band
“Military Musical Spectacular - Beating Retreat 2018”
Lt Col Jon Ridley [Studio Recording]
Chevron [2018] CHVCD 47 £12.00 [Compact Disc]
Army of the Nile (K.J. Alford) – Birdcage Walk (Steck) – Wellington March (Zehle) – Audax (J. Horner) – St. Symphorien (N. Cansfield) – Sarie Marais (Toonsetting, arr Dunn) – Fanfare for the Fleet Commander (G. Keachie) – Zeebrugge (Zehle) – Gibraltar (R. Waterer) – Preobrajensky (Donajowsky, arranger Dunn) – By Land & Sea (K.J. Alford) – King’s Badge (G. Keachie) – Salute to the Lord High Admiral (Kortbeek/Keachie) – San Remo (Reilly) – Versailles (Horner/Paine) - Wing Commander (David Arnold & Kevin Kiner, arr Hutchinson) – Captain General (F.V. Dunn) – Astute (G. Keachie) – Royal Legacy (S. Fothergill) – National Emblem (E.E. Bagley) – Never Forgotten (G. Keachie) – Evening Hymn & Sunset [Be Thou My Vision] (arr Andy Spain) – Heart of Oak (Boyce) – A Life on the Ocean Wave (Russell, arr K.J. Alford) – The Voice of the Guns (K.J. Alford) – Shrewsbury Fair (Neville) – HM Jollies (K.J. Alford)

Royal Norwegian Navy Band
“Grainger: Complete Music For Wind Band Volume 3”
[Percy Grainger Music for Wind Band]
Bjarte Engeset [Hans Knut Sveen, organ*]
Naxos [2014-2016] 8.573681 £9.00 [Compact Disc]
The Lads of Wamphray March - Chosen Gems for Winds: Anonymous Angelus ad Virginem - The Power of Rome & the Christian Heart (Version for Wind Orchestra)* - Danish Folk Music Settings No. 10 (Suite on Danish Folksongs III): The Nightingale & the Two Sisters (Version for Wind Ensemble)* - The Immovable Do [or the Ciphering C] (Version for Wind Band) - Chosen Gems for Winds (Antonio de Cabezón): Prelude in the Dorian Mode - Ye Banks & Braes o'Bonnie Doon (Version for Wind Band) – A Lincolnshire Posy: Dublin Bay/Harkstow Ridge/Rufford Park Poachers/The Brisk Young Sailor/Lord Melbourne/The Lost Lady Found - Chosen Gems for Winds (John Jenkins): Five Part Fantasy No. 15 - Hill Song No. 1 (Version for Wind Ensemble)

Royal Norwegian Navy Band
“Grainger: Complete Music For Wind Band Volume 2”
[Percy Grainger Music for Wind Band]
Bjarte Engeset
[Joachim Carr, Piano track 3 & 13,
Hans Knut Sveen, Organ track 12] World Premiere Recording *
Naxos [2014-2016] 8.573680 £9.00 [Compact Disc]  
The ‘Gum-Suckers’ March – Irish Tune from County Derry – The Merry King – Children’s March [Over the Hills & Far Away] – Colonial Song – March (C.P.E. Bach/Grainger) – ‘Blithe Bells’ A Free Ramble [After Bach] – See What His Love Can do (J.S. Bach/Grainger) – La Bernardina (Josquin des Prez/Grainger) – The Four Note Pavan (Alfonso Ferrabosco II/Grainger) – Intermezzo (Hermann Sandby/Grainger)* - Irish Tune from County Derry [2nd Version] – Hungarian Fantasy (Franz Liszt/Grainger)

Royal Norwegian Navy Band

“Grainger: Complete Music For Wind Band Volume 1”
[Percy Grainger Music for Wind Band]
Bjarte Engeset
[Marius Roth Christensen,
Tenor track 14, Lt Cdr Bjørn Bogetvedt, Euphonium]
World Premiere Recording *,
World Premiere Recording of Grainger’s Original Scoring +
Naxos 8.573679 [2014-2016] £9.00 [Compact Disc] 
Molly on the Shore- Bell Piece – Marching Song of Democracy – O Mensch bewein’ dein’ Sünde groß (J.S. Bach/Grainger)* – Let’s Dance Gay in Green Meadow+ – Country Gardens [second version] – Six Part Fantasy & Air No. 1 (William Lawes/Grainger)* – Hill Song No. 2 – Folk Tune (Eugene Goossens/Grainger) – Shepherd’s Hey – Walking Tune – Spoon River – Down Langford Way (Katherine Parker/Grainger) – Tuscan Serenade (Gabriel Fauré/Grainger) – Chorale No. 2 (César Franck)