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"A Rifles Salute" [Music of The Rifles] [CD]
“A Rifles Salute” [Music of The Rifles]
Bandboy [compilation 2010, recordings made 1987-2005]
BB 31 [Compact Disc] 

Light Infantry Corunna Band, Light Infantry Salamanca Band, Normandy Band Royal Green Jackets, Peninsula Band Royal Green Jackets, The Waterloo Band, WO1 M.J. Evans. Light Division Band Major Calum C. Gray, Captain R.J. Owen, WO1 E.H. Keeley. Light Division Massed Bugles WO2 Colin 'Nosher' Green, BM B. Holman, BM Csgt Nelson MacLeod
General Salute - Parade Bugle Calls - Le Regiment de Sambre et Meuse - Quick Silver – Raglan - The Little Bugler - Silver Bugles - St Mary/Run Run Run Away - Light Cavalry - Keel Row/Road to the Isles - Zorba’s Dance – Secunderabad - Bugler’s Delight - Summon the Heroes – Sunset - The National Anthem - The Light Division - Sir John Moore - The Rifle Regiment - Rule Britannia - A Life on the Ocean Wave - Sharpe’s Theme - A Bridge Too Far - Band of Brothers - High on a Hill - Auld Lang Syne/Last Post - Regimental March The Devonshire & Dorset Light Infantry/Regimental Marches of the Royal Gloucestershire Berkshire & Wiltshire Light Infantry - Kynnegad Slashers - Farmer’s Boy - Five to One - Regimental March The Light Infantry - Three to One - Regimental March The Royal Green Jackets – Rifles: Mechanised Infantry - Bugle Call: No More Parades today
Item #BB 31 [CD]

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