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"Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2016"
“Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2016” [Live Recording] Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo [2016] EMTDVD 133 [This DVD is PAL & NTSC on same disc]

Alarm to Arms Fanfare (M. McDermott). Massed Pipes & Drums of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards/Royal Dragoon Guards/19th Regiment Royal Artillery, The Scottish Gunners/1st Bn Scots Guards/Royal Scots Borderers, 1st Bn The Royal Regiment of Scotland/1st Bn The Royal Irish Regiment/Combined Scottish University/Officer Training Corps/Vancouver Police/Scots College NSW, Australia/Pipers Trail: The Black Bear (traditional, arranger Small)/The Campbells Are Coming (trad, arr Small)/Amazing Grace (trad, arr Small)/The Rowan Tree (trad, arr Small)/Cabar Feidh (trad, arr Small)/Dumbarton’s Drum (trad, arr Small)/The Mason’s Apron (trad, arr Small)/Ghillie Callum (trad, arr Small)/Castle Craig (trad, arr Small). Nepal Army Band: Rato ra Chandra Surya (trad, arr Amul Karki)/Jay Janma Bhumi (trad, arr Amul Karki)/Yo Nepali (trad, arr Amul Karki). HM Royal Marines Scotland Band: Remembering Jutland (M. McDermott)/William Walker [Drum Static] (James Trowbridge). Hjaltinonhoga, The Shetland Fiddlers: Hillswick (trad, arr M. Robertson/M. McDermott)/Arthur Anderson’s Reel (M. Robertson, arr M. McDermott)/Da Spirit o’ Whisky (trad, arr M. Robertson/M. McDermott)/Oot & in da Harbour (trad, arr M. Robertson/M. McDermott). The Tattoo Highland Dancers: The Dark Isle (trad, arr M. McDermott)/Blackley of Hillsdale (trad, arr M. McDermott)/Rockin’ the Baby (trad, arr M. McDermott)/The Chase (Small, arr M. McDermott)/Puirt-a-beul (trad, arr M. McDermott)/The Clumsy Lover (Dickie, arr M. McDermott). United States Army Europe Band & Chorus: Sing, Sing, Sing (Prima, arr Boone)/Minnie the Moocher (Calloway & Mills, arr Boone)/All Shook Up (Blackwell & Presley, arr Boone)/9 to 5 (Parton, arr Boone)/Think (Franklin/White, arr Boone)/The Stars & Stripes Forever (J.P. Sousa, arr Boone). Lochiel Marching Drill Team: The Lord of The Rings Medley (Howard Shore, arr M. McDermott). The Jordan Armed Forces: Hijini (trad)/Lawrence of Arabia (Maurice Jarre)/Ordon Al Kofih Alhambra (trad, arr Col Mohammad AlAkhras)/Laywnak Ya Abdallah (trad, arr Col Mohammad AlAkhras)/Louden’s Bonny Woods & Braes (trad)/Hashimi Hashimi (trad, arr Col Mohammad AlAkhras). Massed Pipes & Drums: Rose of Kelvingrove (trad, arr M. McDermott/Small). New Zealand Army Band: In The Stone (White/Foster/Willis, arr Foley)/The Incredibles (Giacchino, arr Sgt. R. Hina NZAB)/Bang, Bang (Kotecha/Martin/Göransson, arr Pte C. McKellar NZAB)/Conga (Garcia, arr Sgt. R. Hina NZAB)/The Chase [TV Theme] (Farrer, arr Sgt. R. Hina NZAB)/Passchendaele (Dwayne Bloomfield)/NZDF Haka (trad)/Bonnie Dundee (Walter Scott)/Sabre Dance (Khachaturian, arr Edrich Siebert)/Chariots of Fire (Vangelis, arr SSgt. T. Mitchell NZAB)/Mission Impossible/James Bond (Schifrin/Norman, arr SSgt. T. Mitchell NZAB)/You Can’t Stop the Beat (Shaiman, arr Pte R. Martin NZAB)/500 Miles (Reid, arr Sgt. R. Hina). HM The King’s Guard of Norway: Gardes Marsj (Hvam, arr Nøddelund/Nilsen)/På Post för Sverige (Sam Rydberg)/Homage March from ‘Sigurd Jorsalfar’ (Grieg, arr Nilsen)/Triumphal March from ‘Aida’ (Verdi, arr Nilsen)/Old Rangers March (Olsen/Schiöldberg, arr Hagen/Nilsen)/Loch Lomond (trad). Massed Military Bands: Carry On (Winson, arr M. McDermott)/Mechanised Infantry (McBain, arr M. McDermott)/Keel Row (trad, arr M. McDermott)/Road to the Isles (trad, arr M. McDermott)/British Grenadiers (trad, arr M. McDermott)/Voice of the Guns (Alford, trad, arr M. McDermott)/The Soldier’s Return (trad, arr M. McDermott)/Light Cavalry (Franz Von Suppé, arr M. McDermott)/Hearts of Oak (Boyce, arr M. McDermott) – Zadok the Priest (Handel, arr M. McDermott)/Crown Imperial (Walton, arr M. McDermott)/Royal Salute (Waterer). Massed Military Bands & Massed Pipes & Drums: 79th Farewell to Gibraltar (Macdonald, arr David Thompson) – Coming Home (Browning, arr M. McDermott) – Get ‘Em On (M. McDermott)/You Never Can Tell/Lord of The Rings Medley (Berry/Shore, trad, arr M. McDermott) – Life on Mars (Bowie, arr M. McDermott) – Brigade March/Gardemarsj/Hielan’ Laddie (trad, Ole Hvam, arr Rolf Nøddelund/Nilsen/trad)/National Anthem (trad, arr M. McDermott)/Auld Lang Syne (trad, arr M. McDermott) – Sunset & Evening Hymn: O’ Valiant Hearts (trad, arr M. McDermott)/Sleep Dearie Sleep [Lone Piper] (trad, arr Small) – Scotland the Brave (trad, arr M. McDermott)/We’re No Awa’ to Bide Awa’ (trad, arr M. McDermott)/The Black Bear (trad, arr Small)/Scotland the Brave (trad, arr Small)
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